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Pops 'n Jazz Sensory Friendly Performance on 3/8/18
(Hall High School)

The families arrived a few at a time. The WeHa Unified

Business Club was there to greet them and welcome them

to the Sensory Performance of Hall High School's Pops 'n Jazz


The event was free and we reassured the families that rocking, clapping, dancing, yells and echolalia was encouraged! We wanted them to feel comfortable and as stress free as possible.

Many families mentioned that their whole family loved music but were unable to take advantage of great events like this because their child with special needs can make loud noises, needs to walk the aisles or may clap in the middle of songs. "We got looks at the last town play we tried to attend" said one family. Bad experiences can add more stress to an already stressful night out.


Sensory performances help to keep the stress down.  The performers are told that the audience will be showing their joy of music in all different ways so expect dancing and clapping. We have had 100% support from the performers who have mentioned that it is wonderful to hear in real time the reaction to their performance. A special thanks to Emmett Drake, Director of Orchestras at Hall and Conard High Schools!

A quiet room (Room E119) was also open across from the auditorium with bean bags and sensory items if a child needed a sensory break

This Sensory Friendly Performance is brought to you by the WeHa Unified Business Club ( and the Pops ’n’ Jazz community.

If you have any questions, contact WeHa Unified Business Club

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