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A "Dank" Way To Get a Job

Quinn Beal is a 16-year-old sophomore at Hall High School. He has two siblings, an older brother and an older sister. He lives in West Hartford, CT.

At school, Quinn enjoys spending time with his friends. His favorite subjects are history, and science. Quinn is also in Ceramics class, which is also one of his favorite classes. Quinn is very intelligent!

In his free time, Quinn enjoys playing on his iPad 2, and looking at "dank memes", which are funny pictures with hilarious captions. Additionally, Quinn enjoys playing video games at home on his Wii. His favorite game is "Sonic Colors", and anything Mario! Due to his experience, Quinn is extraordinarily skilled with technology.

90% of adults with autism are unemployed, an alarming statistic. Quinn hopes to use his expertise in technology and video games, and spread his knowledge to other people. He wants to turn his passion for technology and video games, and create a micro-business, that he carry with him after he graduates, and into adulthood.

He plans on creating a micro-business where he can sell old tablets, phones, iPods, and other devices, along with gently-used, fully-functioning video games for people to buy. Right now, in Quinn's sophomore year, we are working on creating and expanding his business, so that is ready for when he graduates!

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