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The BEST Way to Teach Job Skills

The best way to teach job skills is to first get to know the student and determine what they are interested in.

Weller is a 15 year-old sophomore at Hall High School. He is a part of the sophomore choir, and enjoys listening to music, swimming, and playing Wii Sports Resort. He has a dog named Boo and one younger brother named Nate.

Travel and transportation are some of Weller’s biggest interests. He has been to Cape Cod, Florida, Tennessee. He has an amazing memory for streets, exits and maps. Ask him the number of the house of an old elementary school buddy and he'll always remember it. He also loves car and train toys, especially Thomas the Tank Engine.

Weller says he wants to help other people enjoy Thomas the Tank Engine, and can’t wait to spread the joy he feels when he plays with them. Weller is so passionate about Thomas the Train that it was the natural place to start with his job skill training.

A little research determined that there is a large secondary market for gently used Thomas the Train items. Weller collects the items, inventories them and determines the price. His resale business is small but growing.

This business will allow Weller to develop skills he will need as an adult, such as editing and cropping photos, adjusting lighting, describing items, and researching price points.

Weller hopes to one day expand his business to sell all types of transportation toys including cars and trucks. We are working to expand his business during high school so that it can follow him into adulthood.

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