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Who is that Cat?

On the Facebook West Hartford Neighbors and Friends page, you can find just about anything.... best plumbers, weather predictions (Thanks John Lyons!), bear sightings, plant identification...and, yes, there may be some ranting and complaining from time to time.


We're only human. But we try to keep it very neighborly.  


And then this happened...

"If you are the owner of Crookshanks the cat, please contain him! He is out of control..."


Apparently, he was sneaking in and causing injury and...for some reason, this just hit a funny bone and the town comedians came out and Crookshanks became the rascal cat we could all relate to.  The teens from WeHa Unified Business Club loved him so much we asked local author/artist Julie Phillipps to draw her iconic rendition and now you can find Crookshanks on t-shirts (at b.kind), grocery bags (at Hall's Market), car magnets, stickers and even on a cookbook.

The Clement family rescued Crookshanks from the side of the road and right away he was unapologetically his authentic self.  We like that.  Sure, he's a bit judgmental.  And he lures bears into our yards, cause strange traffic patterns, and sets off fireworks at odd hours.  But he's OUR judgmental rascal.  We love you Crookshanks!


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