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FREEBIES from the WeHa Unified Business Club! We love to spread the love and each freebie is made with love by us for YOU. Does Amazon do that for you? 


Each cookbook comes with a handmade glitter-filled bookmark with posh silk ribbon. Makes any book "fancy" and you deserve it!


If you spend $40 or more, you can order this 6" x 3" birdfood house for FREE (West Hartford delivery only). The house has a wooden base and birdfood is adhered with all natural ingredients.  You can (1) support the WeHa Unified Business Club and (2) help the birds survive the winter- killing 2 birds with 1 not the best idiom ;) Online order only.


Are you crafty? We are always looking for Freebie gift ideas that our club members (of all abilities) can make. 


Freebies- yep, heard me right!

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